Friday, May 24, 2013

Apéritif Friday - From Miller's Perspective

Yay! I'm back! These crazy humans of mine just don't get it. This is my home, but why do they keep making me get in that big black box in that tiny little space for such a long time to leave this giant swimming hole?

I want to lay here forever, studying those flying swimming things out there, that I know I can't catch, but they are fun to watch. The neighbor said there were eighteen out here two weeks ago, waiting for the ice to melt on other nearby lakes so they could continue on to their summer homes. I could have swam with a whole herd of those things!
Mmmmm. I want that meat stick. They are so mean to put that in front of me without saying "GO!" Maybe when she turns her head I'll just sneak it, super-sly like. 
I don't know what this is, but I'd like to try it. With a meat stick.
Yay! Mom is sharing the rest of her drink! Nom nom nom.
"GOT ONE!" I love it when they say that. 
I wish I could eat that thing, but it's hard and scratchy. I like to lick and sniff it though. My Granny catches the most. 
Strange, that isn't the same drink. If Mommy spilled the red drink, maybe Granny will spill the brown one. And give me that food in it. 
Gramps! You know I love you, and I like to nap with you, but this is where the action is. I'll come up for a visit when you have food.
Um, Mom? She caught another one. And she squeals a lot when that happens. It hurts my ears.
Hey little fishy. You OK? Looks like you need a surgery. Don't worry. Granny knows what she's doing.
SUCCESS! Quit shouting, Gran. We don't like that.
HEY LADY! You are only supposed to love on me! Stop that!
I guess I'll just move in for a kiss of my own. I love this lady. She is my favorite.
Mmmmm. She tastes funky. Guess she didn't go for a swim like I did today.
I'd better lick her nose. I think I taste that first apéritif.
Lemme schlurp up this side, Granny. I think you spilled some over here.
Mmmmm. Yummy. You taste like Manhattans.
Betcha that fishy didn't smooch you good like me.

I think I'll go take a nap with Gramps now. Maybe he has a hot dog for me.


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