Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Brother John

Today is my big brother's birthday.
He is 46. And hopefully OK with the fact that I just shared his age with the world. Since I'm a slacker and didn't get him a present or a card, he gets a heartfelt blog post instead.

This morning Mr. Musky said, "I'm going to text your brother and ask him how the 13th hole looks. Think he'll get it?"

Yes. I definitely think he'll get it. Because John Henry Kahling IV is introspective.
And sometimes temperamental.
But not as much as he was during the petulant teenaged years. Thank heavens.

In college, while sitting in a tiny fraternity room on a loveseat with my fearless knight-in-shining-armor between us, our contentious words escalated into a fistfight. My sweet prince lost the gallantry contest because as an older brother himself, he decided that it's the job of the firstborn to smack little bratty sisters upside the head every now and then. It wasn't his place to interfere in contested sibling rivalry.

In all seriousness, my brother and I finally came to terms with one another once he chased his dream and moved to the edge of the country. Distance brought us together, and although we don't speak nearly enough, we are closely connected and fond of one another. We have a mutual trust and respect for each other not only as siblings, but as friends. As adults we finally abandoned the art of grudge holding because forgiving quickly and loving deeply are infinitely better.
Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed. May you enjoy the back nine as much as you did the front.

Love, hugs and kisses,
The Red-Headed Stepsister

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