Saturday, May 2, 2015


Whew. We made it through our first prom. I've got some advice for my friends who have girls younger than eleventh grade. 
Start saving money yesterday. And tell your daughter to get a job today. She'll need it to help pay for the dress.
And the hair appointment, makeup, shoes, mani/pedi, jewelry, purse and day after prom festivities.
Not to mention the actual ticket to the event, which is a bargain compared to the rest. Miller said he'd be Kahley's date, but sadly he didn't make it past the patio. He decided to stay home and take a nap instead.
Plainfield East rented out an entire Metra train. The train left the station at 6:15; kids had to be there for check-in at 5:30. The prom ticket covered the transportation downtown Chicago, dinner and the dance in the Grand Ballroom at Union Station.
Chartering of an entire train was a first for any high school in the area, and WGN deemed it a worthy bit for the evening news. Check out the story and video here.

While it was all cool in theory, it proved a logistic nightmare for the girl who scheduled her hair appointment in February. Yes - that's THREE MONTHS before the event. If you have a girl, schedule that sucker on the day the prom date is announced. And make the hair appointment for 12:30 or any time earlier in the day. I promise it will save you mounds of stress and time crunching. And when the stylist is 1/2 hour late getting started? Look around, and get creative. Ask if someone else can get started on the curling of the hair. Request the makeup artist to do the impossible - see if she can squeeze in one more girl. Miracles can happen.
One last piece of critical advice: put the blasted SD card in the camera if you decide to take pictures at the salon. Because no SD card?
No salon photos. Then...most importantly, check the camera battery. Because no camera battery?
No big group pictures by the lake. No back of the dress photos. No cool hair pics. But you're off the hook, can go home, and relax that your work is done and she's off to funland.

For all the prom mamas who are going through this today or next weekend, I feel your pain and encourage you to pick out an apéritif now so it's ready and waiting for you when she trots off to the dance. It'll be one of the best cocktails of your life.


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