Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today, my baby turns thirteen. And I am officially the parent of a teenager.

Thank God it's this teenager. Because I happen to like her. A lot.

She's sweet. And compassionate. Independent (which is usually great, and sometimes a pain). Beautiful (obviously), and highly intelligent. Thank God - she can make good choices when the boys start lining up. 

For her birthday, we went to visit Grandma last weekend for a girls-only shopping adventure. Needless to say, Grandma was tickled to have us. And we could not wait to hit the mall.

We started with a professional make-over for the birthday girl. What fun!
My mom did this for me when I was a girl. So of course, I had to pass the tradition along. Except I think I had my "colors" done. And it was determined I was "winter". Right. Like I have any idea of what that means now, what colors I should wear, or whether silver or gold looks better based on my complexion, eye and hair color. I just wear what I like.

And doesn't make me look fat.


Anyway - beautiful Lindsey provided my girl with her first "non-mom" lesson in applying makeup.
What is it about getting your makeup done by someone else? You gals know what I mean. It is so relaxing and exciting all at the same time. I love it when they choose something that I'd never pick on my own, like orange eye-shadow, and make it look extraordinary under fluorescent lights. I am such a sucker for the makeup counter.
And now, officially, so is she.
Thank you Lindsey, for such a fun experience for three generations of fabulousness.
And to my mom, the source of our beauty.
These two.  My heart and soul.