Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today, my baby turns thirteen. And I am officially the parent of a teenager.

Thank God it's this teenager. Because I happen to like her. A lot.

She's sweet. And compassionate. Independent (which is usually great, and sometimes a pain). Beautiful (obviously), and highly intelligent. Thank God - she can make good choices when the boys start lining up. 

For her birthday, we went to visit Grandma last weekend for a girls-only shopping adventure. Needless to say, Grandma was tickled to have us. And we could not wait to hit the mall.

We started with a professional make-over for the birthday girl. What fun!
My mom did this for me when I was a girl. So of course, I had to pass the tradition along. Except I think I had my "colors" done. And it was determined I was "winter". Right. Like I have any idea of what that means now, what colors I should wear, or whether silver or gold looks better based on my complexion, eye and hair color. I just wear what I like.

And doesn't make me look fat.


Anyway - beautiful Lindsey provided my girl with her first "non-mom" lesson in applying makeup.
What is it about getting your makeup done by someone else? You gals know what I mean. It is so relaxing and exciting all at the same time. I love it when they choose something that I'd never pick on my own, like orange eye-shadow, and make it look extraordinary under fluorescent lights. I am such a sucker for the makeup counter.
And now, officially, so is she.
Thank you Lindsey, for such a fun experience for three generations of fabulousness.
And to my mom, the source of our beauty.
These two.  My heart and soul.



  1. Where to start with this one......first off, I hope your beautiful daughter had a wonderful milestone birthday. I pray for her teenage hears to be fun and adventurous, yet thought-filled and full of learning.

    Seeing the photos of you, your mom, and Kahley warm my heart. I remember the day you got your "colors done" like it was yesterday (ok, so maybe it was a couple years ago). Yes, you were a winter and you were supposed to wear silver which was so NOT cool at the time. I remember the blue mascara you bought that day and thought it was the best thing EVER! Oh how jealous I was.

    Now, seeing your beautiful daughter and the wonderful young woman she is becoming, makes me so proud and honored to be your friend. Good job, Mom! And may your lives be filled with many more moments such as these.

    Love you!

    Almost forgot.....the first color photo of Kahley at the completion of her makeover is so you! The way she carries herself and her mannerisms are a part of her DNA. I often have flashbacks of you when I'm around her!!!!

  2. Sheesh - just read this, and it really lifted my spirits, which is what you always do and exactly what I needed right now. Thanks for the comment and for being such a great friend!

    Love you back,