Friday, June 10, 2011

What I love about Plainfield

Normally I complain when I'm not at the Cabin in summer. But in all reality? Life in Plainfiled is not too shabby.
Not too shabby, indeed.

Some facebook friends recently commented on a "salad bowl" available at Menards. The idea is to chop off what you want for a meal, and the container continues to provide an abundance of greens the entire summer. Intrigued, I meandered over to the local Menards to find that apparently, there are no salad consumers in Plainfield. No - we stick to the disgusting local fare which consists of anything fried, Irish or Mexican in culinary taste. Ugh.

So I created my own salad container from various lettuces and herbs I found at a local greenhouse. I'll post more pictures throughout the summer on how my lunches develop. I hope this works and continues to thrive - along with an assortment of herbs, tomato and pepper plants I put in the ground last week.

Oftentimes over coffee on a lazy Saturday morning or while enjoying a glass of wine in the early evening, Mr. Musky and I waller in the spoils of our children's choices in extra-curricular activities. See, our kids are not the overachieving athletic types, and we didn't push them in any particular direction when they were younger. We simply let them be, and encouraged them to try anything they found interesting. This ultimately led us to a smattering of adorable ballet recitals, one detestable season of softball, an "I will never do this again" travel cheerleading disaster, a couple of tearful, dreaded baseball efforts, three lackluster basketball seasons and two half-hearted spring soccer attempts. Suffice to say that our children are not overly fond of extremely competitive team sports requiring exhaustive cardiovascular effort or excessive traveling in order to participate. Score one for the parents, and tally up many fun weekends with our kids doing whatever strikes our fancy - cabin excursions, weekends exploring Chicago, sleepovers with friends, plenty of family mealtimes, visits to a kick-butt water park, dinners at trendy restaurants so they can try oysters for the first time, weekends at Grandma and Grandpa's with NO PARENTS, etc.

Instead of vying for future Olympic medals, they excel academically. Something that is not optional in the Czupek household. All are required to achieve intellectual excellence. Except for the canine. He's just required to provide us with entertainment, which he achieves unceremoniously, particularly when it comes to catching bubbles on beautiful summer evenings.
Seriously. Could she GET any more beautiful?

And while these kids are so kind to not invade most of our blissful evenings or coffee-laden mornings, we do enjoy the activities they have chosen. Hockey for the boy...
...and Horseback Riding for the girl.

Summer nights are magical at the barn, particularly when the owners introduce the newest member of their family.  Meet Bentley.

Nope.  Plainfield is not too shabby at all!


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