Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snowmobiling Mamas

Most definitely, there needs to be another girls weekend at the cabin.  One of the winter varietal.

We could channel our inner Sacajawea, snowshoeing through the tundra to our destinies with the beautiful Star (aka doggie below) as our guide.
I'm sure Drunk Lady Beach is just as much fun in winter as in summer. Ice Hole would help.
We could transform ourselves into greek goddesses, drinking in the nectar of the gods from Botas.
Or have squat contests while balancing champagne glasses on party horns.
Rather than consuming the weight of a small child in dip noshing, we could actually visit a local supper club for a respectable meal.
Then provide unparalleled entertainment on horse-drawn sleigh rides through the woods at no additional charge for the customers. 
We could always plow through the trails on vintage snowmobiles turning heads everywhere with our stunning beauty and headgear.
Or hit the slopes, attempting to maintain the integrity of all our limbs.
Shoot, I could even make a gorilla appear out of nowhere bearing bedtime pina coladas and cookies.

Yes, there most definitely should be a winter version of Sugar Camp Girls Gone Wild.

You in?

Happy Friday, people!


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