Friday, March 15, 2013

Apéritif Friday!

When we were youngins, Mr. Musky and I were out of synch. I wanted to stay home and hibernate on Friday nights after fruitless efforts to convince mankind to switch their phone service, mentally and physically exhausted from cold-calling on every small business owner in the Chicagoland area. He, on the other hand, found the the logistics business titillating, was wound for sound and ready to party. There were plenty of Friday nights when I asked the bartender for toothpicks not to garnish my drink with, but to prop my eyes open.

Introduce a kid, then another, and he finally came around to my superior level of reasoning. Now we stay in on Friday nights, and we actually look forward to it more than any other time of the week. Our kids get the drill - they understand that from about 5:00 until 8:00 Mom and Dad are in the kitchen together, sipping apéritifs, dancing very badly and cooking up something yummy with our music blaring over the speakers. The volume rises exponentially with each cocktail consumed. The kids will drift in and out, sometimes with friends, sometimes without, sometimes interested in what we're doing, sometimes to just find out when is dinner going to be finished already?!?

At times we have friends over ourselves; but usually we don't. Oftentimes we'll cook a casual meal, like homemade pizzas - a feat Mr. Musky's been working on perfecting for decades. Or we'll prepare full-on haute cuisine, like the recent Chilean sea bass over lentils with beurre blanc sauce or Lobster Thermidor. Sometimes it's mainstays - lasagne or grilled steaks; now and then it's a new effort, like timpano or porchetta, both of which are on the upcoming list of reasons why I drink while I cook.

We will certainly have guests over for those experiments. I'm thinking about inviting the entire Great Lakes Naval Base. We're going to need that many sailors around to finish off those gargantuan dishes. Plus they'd be fun to look at.

Regardless of the food we cook, an apéritif (alcoholic drink taken before a meal as an appetizer) or two is always present. As predictable as Miller's drool, Mr. Musky always imbibes on Sapphire and water. I, on the other hand, thrive on variety. I may sip a margarita if we're cooking up fish tacos, or some of my infused vodka with soda and juice if I'm looking for something flavorful and effervescent. And of course, I can't jilt my other boyfriends - Mr. Rye, Mr. Bacardi, Mr. Sapphire - I figure out ways to get them all into the rotation.

Once dinner is ready, we invariably move to a wine that pairs well with the food we've cooked. Now, I don't want any of you to think we are wine snobs. Far from it. But we keep the wine cooler well stocked because:  A. 90% of what we cook has a splash of wine in it somewhere, and B. Once opened, one must consume the rest of the bottle. It's sacrilege to save it for another day.

OK - enough. Why am I blathering on about food and drink?

Drink is present in nearly all of my posts here on Genuinely Speaking. Food was present before, after or during every story told. And keep things fresh and the content more consistent on my fourth baby, er, blog...I give you...

Apéritif Friday!

Here on out, I will do my very best to bore you with the goings on in our kitchen every Friday night, what we did, who joined us (or not), the music we played, what we drank and the culinary effort we mastered or botched. I'll include the recipe for the meal, and if I'm lazy, just the recipe for the cocktails I consumed. If for some reason I miss posting an Apéritif Friday, maybe I'll include a recommendation for a local restaurant. But I promise not to be so lame as to suggest you drive through McDonald's for a Shamrock Shake.

And for those who could care less about food...I really don't understand you whatsoever...but I still love you for reading. I will continue to post stories that I find funny, that highlight my dorkdom, showcase my inability to catch a musky, etc. So please come back for those.

Enough blathering. Here's a little tease for next week's post:

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin.

See you next Friday!


P.S. - Kudos to Mr. Musky for coining the phrase. I'll keep you around for awhile, Babe.

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