Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Year Down

I had to share my birthday this year.
With this guy. But I didn't mind. He is my father, after all.

And this one.
He participated 50% in the creation of cute kids. I kinda like him, too.

And this guy in my life?

Sits and waits for a boat ride. When he gets impatient and tired, he lies down to wait.
He would wait all day for that ride.

She also gets impatient for a boat ride.
But definitely knows how to get her party on.
She enjoys performing the function of quality control before the wine is poured into the sangria container, while always maintaining a level of decorum. Note the crossed legs.

This boy, who can't be bothered to fully turn around for a photo, cracks me up.
We dropped him off for eight weeks of summer camp yesterday. After hugging us goodbye, reassuring me he will use deodorant, brush his teeth, eat an apple each day, apply sunscreen liberally and drench himself constantly in DEET, he announced that it was time for us to go because he had to go find some eight-year-olds to pick a fight with.

Har. har.

And her.
What am I going to do for eight weeks without sound fashion advice? What am I going to do without someone to tell me all about the drama of the soon-to-be sophomore crowd? What am I going to do without country music on the radio all. the. time? What am I going to do without What Not To Wear or Say Yes to the Dress blaring in the background while the sound of tap tap tap on the phone plunks out earth shattering messages of importance to the world famous PEHS contingency?
I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to work and frolic in the Northwoods playground. I'm going to go out to dinner nearly every night with my Musky Man. I'm going to bask in the sound of silence, with the exception of the occasional loon call and a pack of ferocious coyotes gnashing their teeth on some unfortunate prey in the middle of the night. And if the moon aligns correctly, especially this weekend, I'm going to catch me the monster of the sea.

But this time, I'm setting the bar a bit higher and hope to have it on my own line. Not Grandpa's.


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  1. Your daughter has the most gorgeous blue eyes! That's my kind of birthday too - glad it was a good one! : )