Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sweet Sixteen, and a Musing on Father Time

Yesterday we did some serious celebrating around here.
 The firstborn turned sixteen.
Which provides a great opportunity to complain about one of my pet peeves. Along with unwarranted compliments and praise, it drives me nuts when adults whine about the passing of time.
"I can't believe my baby is so grown up."

"Where does the time go?"

"Summer went by so fast."

"It seems like just yesterday she was starting kindergarten."

People. A little tip. TIME NEVER SPEEDS UP! It is one of the very few constants of this world. It never slows down. It just...

So I try my very best to live in the moment. If I'm playing over Labor Day weekend at the cabin, I close my eyes and soak in the sun. Pray my dog doesn't puke on the other boaters. Listen to the Badger game and a medley of classic rock, rap and country blaring from all the boats at the beach. And then I look up,

blessed to see God's brilliant creation in the sky, along with all the other sun soakers, and order the camera into my hands by one of the gazillion teenagers oblivious to anything but each other and their music.
Teenagers have this living-in-the-moment thing mastered. As adults, we exist to remind them to do the important things in life, like put the phones down once in awhile, engage in real conversation, and finish homework. And occasionally eat something healthy and get their butts on the treadmill. Or on a stone in the middle of the lake.
Don't get me wrong. I marvel at the growth of my children, and am fascinated when I look at old pictures to see how much they've matured, both physically and mentally. But do I really want to go back in time and rock them to sleep? Or chase them around as toddlers? No stinking way. I love this moment in time with our kids, and I look forward to what the future holds, for both them and for us. We all have hopes and plans and dreams for the time we have left on earth.

And who knows how long that will be? Maybe several decades, maybe a few years, or maybe just a few weeks or days. But I can tell you this - as long as I'm living, I'm not going to gripe about how fast time flies.

I just plan on soaring along with it.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl. Enjoy sixteen!


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