Monday, October 14, 2013

Homecoming Weekend, Hootchie Style.

On Saturday, my oldest coiffed her hair, requested Moi to apply a smoky eye, donned a hootchie girl dress and flounced off to her school's homecoming dance for the second time.
I Genuinely Speak here. Her dress was hootchie. I'm old for saying that. And I'm OK with that...
...because I understand. My first prom dress resembled a giant, pale-pink stuffed animal, culminating into a fluffy head constructed of a fabric rose on the left shoulder. The next year I opted for a sexier, blacker, silvery-teal number. I was over the "wear a teddy bear costume to a school dance" look. So I get it.

She looked beautiful anyway. Despite the eye rolls I kept receiving for muttering, "Pull it down!"
We made the obligatory stop for group photos.
Have you ever tried to capture a decent photo of more than one teenager simultaneously?
It's worse than herding cats. There is never a good photo of everyone looking in the same direction. Never. It is impossible. And that's a fact.
And if you think dropping the group down to just the very mature, refined young ladies will help, the answer is an emphatic "no."
Sometimes two is the perfect number.
Sometimes not.
These three together will never make it on a runway.
For some bizarre reason, they love coming up with fascinating ways to make themselves look ridiculous. Yes! Let's gaze into the overcast sky!
 Wardrobe malfunction! Help a sista out!
Har Har. Heh heh. Are you falling backwards? Is your heel suck in the ground? Do you want a bowl of ice cream?
Uh oh. The mama's whipping out the middle name. Time to behave and give her a good photo.
Best friends rock.
I love you, Hootchie Girls!



  1. Who could forget that cotton candy dress with the rose on top? That shimmery, trendy tea-length ensemble! Very appropriate for a freshman at mixed company! HAHAHAHAHA! The black and teal was awesome and so was the blue mermaid. And then you ended it with the wedding dress....can you say FASHION EMERGENCY?????? Love you, girl!

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