Friday, April 4, 2014

Apéritif Friday, West Coast Style

Last week, we enjoyed every living bite of this sushi. Twice.
 By a little pool, overlooking this view.
I drooled at every restaurant over cocktail menus like this one.
Because those Californians make a mean drink. So perfect, at every restaurant, that I had to order for everyone else (over the age of 21, of course) at my table because I WANTED THEM ALL! Guess which drinks I ordered?
Buffalo Milk for the one person who I knew would love it. Hint - it's not the man in blue.
He was happy with the Pacific Classic; that is, what I left of it for him. Delicious, fresh and perfect for Island sipping.

I give you the Cucumber Mojito, which upon hitting my lips landed on my top five list. I will be working diligently to replicate it. But not tonight, as I have none of the ingredients on hand. Boo hoo!
The oyster shooter trio?
Fabulous and weird. I'd do that again, too.

Despite gray skies part of the time, a really sick kid who barely left the couch the second half of our stay, and an earthquake that left us unsettled for the rest of the trip (no pun intended), I want to go back.


Because 12 inches of snow just fell upon my beloved north woods. And it appears as though campfire dining this summer will include snowmobile pants and grumpy old men hats.

Enjoy your weekend!


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