Friday, May 9, 2014

Apéritif Friday - Deviled Eggs and a Lighter Version of the Pina Colada

Finally Spring is here.

Thank the heavens. A winter girl at heart, I may be shifting in my seasonal allegiance. I can't believe I just said that. But the older I get, the more I thrive in being outside on a daily basis. And negative any degrees just isn't conducive to frolicking in the great outdoors on a consistent basis. 

I am so happy to be back on the patio, supervising the grilling action by Mr. Musky and watching the birds in our backyard. I sound like I'm seventy. Old people watch birds. Count me in - they're on to something. But watching my husband grill? Now that's like going on an amusement ride. Consider this newfound starter system he hatched:
Blow torching the charcoal. Yes, we are into flame throwing our grill into life now. I demanded: "GIVE ME YOUR BEST FLAME THROWING FACE!"

This Spring has been the busiest on record for us. We have two weddings to attend in May, resulting in scads of showers and parties and the like leading up to the big days, not to mention Jake's Confirmation last weekend...SUCH an awesome day...
...and Mr. Musky's annual golf weekend with some of his buddies. I'm counting down the days until June, when this view greets me on a daily basis. 
And Miller gets visits from friends, like his swimming buddy, Murphy.
But until then, I'll keep sipping a little concoction I came up with in California. Out of necessity, I had to keep ingredients simple while on vacation. I stumbled across this delightful juice, 
and while it's not as good as pure pineapple and coconut milk, it definitely does it's job in a pinch. I add three shots of white rum to a glass with a giant ice cube in it, and top it off with the pineapple coconut juice. If I wanted to be fancy, I'd add a piece of fresh pineapple to the rim. Instead, I opted for a fun swizzle stick. This is light, refreshing, tropical, and definitely worthy of a warm spring day. I foresee this cocktail on many a boat ride this summer.

We had some fantastico burgers with our flame-thrown charcoal this lovely night. Check out the recipe here. 

But today's highlight is the appetizer. Since we moved to a more paleo focused diet, I am enjoying coming up with interesting starters to nosh on before the main event. I've rekindled a love affair with the deviled egg. Growing up, these were reserved for special occasions and holidays, perhaps because they take a bit of time and effort to make. But why? These suckers are so tasty, and when I make them now they last for all of three minutes before my people inhale them. Here's what I do:
Hard boil some eggs. If you're like me and have tried to do this recently, you've noticed that organic eggs and/or brown cage free eggs are tricky to peel once hard boiled. Not one to give up, I scoured the internet until I found a TRULY fool proof method to ensure the perfectly hard boiled egg every single time I make them. Follow the instructions on this post exactly as written, and I promise your eggs will be perfect every time.
Scoop out the yolks into a bowl. Normally, I press mine into a fine mesh sieve to get airy, fluffy yolks. But I broke my sieve in a rage a couple of nights earlier so I opted to just break up the yolks with a fork instead.

Did I just sound a little psycho there? I know. We all have bad moments.

Anyway, chop up a small handful of fresh parsley, two green onions and 3-4 pieces of cooked bacon (but reserve some bacon for a garnish) very finely, and toss 'em in with the yolks.
Add about 1/3 cup homemade mayo, a solid dash of granulated garlic and onion powder (about 1/2 teaspoon each). Grind in some salt and pepper to taste, a shake or two of hot sauce and combine the ingredients. Add a dash of vinegar if you'd like. Spoon the yolk mixture into a plastic ziploc baggie, 
Cut off a corner,
And pipe the mixture into the whites of the eggs.
Top with some reserved bacon pieces. How pretty!
Miller thinks so too.
"Mama, Can I just have this one?"
 "Maybe just a taste?"
 "She said yes!"
 "Nom nom nom. You all should make these. I promise they're tasty. But I didn't like the parsley. Nope, not a bit."
 Enjoy the weather, and try these little suckers. Marvelous!


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  1. Was looking for a new deviled egg recipe, that wasn't the same as always thanks for sharing.