Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Miller's Summer

I want to go back to this.
And this.
And this.
My humans are crazy.
But I love 'em. 'Specially when they give me lip smackin treats.
They cover me up when it's chilly,
or when I come in sleepy from a swim.
They put a heavy thingy on my back every time we go to the beach. At first I didn't like it. Now I love it. It lets me swim and swim and swim all day long.
This is not my summer playground. It's Jake's. But I think I should live there.
My favorite is when friends come to visit. Murphy's a little nutso. I told his human he didn't need a leash. I would show him what to do. She didn't believe me.
She was right. Why would he want to jump off the side? We only jump off the front. 
Murph and I take naps and sniff butts when they leave.
Not sure what they do when they are gone...
...but they come back crazy. We don't care, because they let us lick good stuff by the fire.
Then I met this sweetheart.
Her name's Daisy. She's really not this shy. My human ran on the beach with her. She wasn't very good at swimming because it was her first time trying. Hey, wanna see her learn to swim?
Silly girl tried to catch flying water in her mouth. Doesn't she know she can just shove her whole snout in and take a giant drink? Anyway, I hear my mama whispering that she's sick. I hope she gets better fast so she can come swim again. I like her humans a lot.
They brought really good food. I may have sneaked a snack.

Oh! Lookie here.
I got bored one day and took myself for a walk. I met some sweet little people three houses down. They gave me water and a toy. They patted me on the head and said I could take a nap. Then they took me for a walk. Mama wasn't very happy with me. But she let them come play with me every day for a week. I was sad when they left.

There was a lot of tomato bread this summer. I want some. Maybe I can have some now. Mama?
It rained a lot. So I had to look outside and dream about swimming.
Some more humans came but they didn't bring friends. It makes me sad when they don't bring a friend for me to play with. But that's ok. I just kissed and made up with them.
Not sure why I'm not in this picture. Because I kiss on her all the time.
And I got some extra snuggles between these two pretties.
They patted on me and loved me and played with me. But I don't like it when they try to take my ball away. It's such hard work getting that ball!
Uh oh. My boy must have something in his eye. I like him. We get each other. Because sometimes, you just don't feel like being loved on. That's when I hang out with him. 

My Papa makes up for the lack of boy snuggles. 
He rubs my hips and it feels reeeeaaaallllyyyy good. They don't work so well anymore, and sometimes they just fall to the ground. That's why I lay like such a good boy on the boat now.
Some humans don't love me a ton. Auntie Jen would rather I just lay down drool-less a few hundred feet away from her. I love her anyway. I just let her swing with Patrick on the hammock...

...and watched from afar while they stood on water.
This visitor was super special. I could tell. So I stayed right by his side.
And so did my Papa.
I hope your summers were great, too. I wanna go back.

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