Friday, October 10, 2014

Apéritif Friday - Limoncello Basil Martini and Greek Cups on Yummie Nation

Hey all! I'm excited to share my second Yummie Nation post with you. On the afternoon we had the HIDS rib roast at our backyard tailgate, we also had some perfect late summer / early fall cocktails and appetizers while we waited for the Bears to beat the 49ers.
Did you hear me? The Bears. Beat the 49ers. I know it's been small eternity since they won, but the season is still early. Keep the faith, people!
Check out my Limoncello Basil Martinis and Greek Cup Appetizers here. Miller even makes a YN debut! While you're there, browse around the website for some other fab fall ideas. There's a couple of recipes that are on my list to try this week. Pumpkin Risotto? Why hello, fall freak flag. Chimichurri? It's what my meat's been missin'. A Pear and Sage Gin and Tonic? Fuggetabotuit. They're totally talkin' my language now.

If you are food blogger, or are interested in starting a blog, check out the FoodFightWrite conference coming up in November. It's being held in conjunction with the World Food Championships in Vegas November 12-15 and promises to be informative and loads of fun. I'd give my left pinkie to go, but the November calendar in our house is not working in my favor. I'm bummed, but will definitely be checking out the sights and smells next year.

Have a fantastic weekend. I've been on the wagon for the past few weeks, so I'm drooling over the cocktail possibilities after tonight's local homecoming football game. A mango margarita might just fit the bill, because it's orange like our school's colors and will go with my outfit.

If I don't change into jams first.

Go Bengals!


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