Thursday, January 29, 2015

Apéritif Friday - Vittles for the Big Game

It's almost here! Superbowl Sunday - an American holiday that unites us all regardless of race, demographics, sex, age or even football knowledge. Is there any better communal reason to gather together and eat and drink and gawk at ridiculous amounts of money spent on advertising spots? I think not.

We don't really have a tradition on Superbowl Sunday that we follow. We've hosted parties, attended neighborhood bashes, and sometimes we kick back as a party of four in PJs. The constant though, regardless of where or how we watch the annual event, consists of fantastic food and a couple of beverages. Mr. Musky and I usually begin tossing foodie ideas around a week or two before the big game, then pull the trigger and create three or four of our favorites.

So if you're staying in with your own tribe or heading out to a hundred person fete, here are some suggestions to liven up the food table and drink options at your venue of choice.

Even though they aren't in season, Tomato Bread is still a delicious baked option.
It's not horse racing, but who says Mint Juleps and Derby Food can't substitute for Football Fare?
Calling all Quad Citians. You know you love 'em. Whip up a bunch of Maid Rites in advance, and pop them in the oven at halftime.
Pizza Wheels are simple, and I love simple when it comes to tailgating.
Another make ahead wonder, so good and so classic. Deviled Eggs. Pair it up with a lighter version of the Pina Colada for the rum lovers at your party.
Fancy things up with some Limoncello Basil Martinis and Greek Cups. The mixture can be made ahead, but fill the cups just before serving to ensure they retain their crispy texture.
For a spicier option, loaded with a little funk thanks to goat cheese and ground bison, give Proscuitto Poppers a go. Chill the spice with a Frozen Minty Cucumber Mojito.
Guac. Enough said.
Add some Skillet Nachos. A one pot wonder that pairs perfectly with chips and Guacamole.
Enjoy the game, my friends! We are at the University of Wisconsin - Madison today for our first official college visit...follow along with us on Twitter or Instagram.


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