Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Weathery Juxtaposition, and a Question for the Readers

Up North, where loons migrate to birth and raise babies for the summer on shimmery, sparkling lakes surrounded by towering pines where sharp-eyed bald eagles lie in wait, things aren't going so well.
Meanwhile, down south, the Easter Bunny stopped by. He pooped a garland of eggs around our burning bush and forgot to munch a carrot in the flower bed.
Before leaving, he puked Spring all over the front lawn.
For now, I'll take the Easter Bunny mess. Mr. Musky is holding down the fort north of us, dreaming of giant Esox hammering his bait while he throws another log on the fire and undoubtedly sips on Sapphire. Because what else is there to do when it snows four inches in April? Oh yeah. Watch the new and improved Chicago Cubs and prop your eyelids open with toothpicks for a two-for-one playoff hockey game. So much for a cabin yard cleanup. I guess it'll have to wait until June.


Aside from the weather juxtaposition I'm experiencing with my love, I actually have some earth shattering news. After much hem-hawing, gnashing of teeth and cursing at the computer, I'm almost ready to launch a new blog. Guess the name?

Apéritif Friday. Shocking, I know.

Genuinely Speaking will always be my first blogging love, so I have no intention of abandoning it or the fun little anecdotes that make their way to the world through this space. Where else would I share stories about bat extraction, baseball prowess and wedding dress bawl fests? The problem is that the platform of this site is not conducive to food blogging, and while I tried to improve things over the past several months, the lack of adaptability just isn't cutting it.

I've considered paring Apéritif Friday down to a more targeted subject matter, perhaps just cocktails and appetizers, but I simply can't. We eat and drink a variety of food and bevvies, and what we eat and how we eat it continues to evolve. I mean, I actually jumped on the bandwagon and put butter in my coffee yesterday. 

Don't knock it until you try it. But I recommend skipping breakfast and avoiding carbs like the dickens if you do. 

I will always blog first and foremost for myself. Narcissistic much? Perhaps. But I also do this for the scads of sweet peeps who tell me they like to plow through this site with their Saturday morning coffee, or take a break to get a chuckle or two during their workday. People actually whined last summer during my hiatus, and I truly appreciated the feedback.

That's also why I'm keeping on.

So tell me. I am genuinely asking YOU. What do you like about Genuinely Speaking? What could be better? What kind of food and drink would you like highlighted on Apéritif Friday? Do you dig the paleo food? Prefer traditional dishes? Want more weeknight, simple ideas? Need more alcoholic options in your life?

Share your thoughts...below in the comments, via social media, over text or email at I can't wait to hear from you all. The new site should be up in a few weeks.


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  1. LOVE all the options and directions you take and an index of all the food and beverages would be ideal!