Friday, April 3, 2015

Apéritif Friday - Paleo Blood Orange Margarita

Today is all about an apéritif that makes makes me happy.

Scratch that. It makes me giddy.
Wrong again. It makes me close my eyes and conjure seventy-five degrees and sunshine, a gentle breeze caressing my face as my toes sink into sugary soft sand while cool waves from the ocean lap at my ankles. A brilliant, perfectly arched rainbow decorates the horizon as a backdrop for snow-white unicorns with fuchsia horns and golden hooves to glide past.

It's that good.

I give you the Blood Orange Margarita.
It's slightly sweet, but not overbearingly so. It's refreshing and light, with the unmistakable hint of tequila underlying bright, fresh flavors. I guzzled mine alarmingly quickly and told Mr. Musky he probably shouldn't drink his, as it would likely cause his acid reflux to flare up due to the acidity of the citrus juice. I recommended that he hand it over so I could take care of it for him.
"You know what?" he declared. "Ever since we did the Whole 30 I haven't had much of a reflux issue. I think I'll be just fine."

"I don't know, Babe. I don't want you to suffer later."

"Do you just want to drink this because you like it that much?" he was on to me.

"Maybe," I conceded. But happy to finally get him to try one of my concoctions, I just made myself another with the juice I had left. Even though I could have easily downed three of these babies.

I'm sure these would be equally delicious with other fruit juices, but the blood orange gave it the most dazzling color. And the beauty? This drink is 100% paleo as it contains no added sugar.

While I loved it, something was definitely missing. It took me several sips before I put my finger on it.
Aaaahhhhhh..... Perfection. Pair this with some chips and my guacamole and you'll soothe your brain via hallucinations of rainbows and unicorns - no therapist required.

Blood Orange Margarita 
2 oz agave tequila
1 oz blood orange juice
1 oz fresh lime juice
3/4 oz (or to your liking for sweetness) honey simple syrup (equal parts honey dissolved into water)

Shake all of the ingredients vigorously in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Serve in a salt rimmed glass (or without the salt, for those boys and girls who prefer clean glasses). Enjoy!


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