Monday, June 29, 2015

A Little Life Lately

Confession time: I've neglected my Genuinely Speaking part of the world for awhile as I focused on increasing the content on Apéritif Friday. And true to myself, I knew I couldn't stay away forever. Life musing is a favorite pastime of mine, as is food experimentation, drink concocting, and storytelling. The challenge is balance - to consistently post on the foodie site, here, and still work on the baby incubating for decades. The book. I simply cannot abandon any of these things I love, so I will strive harder each day to strike an appropriate balance to ultimately do it all.

Doing it all is never easy. And with this year's passing birthday, I chose to simplify and focus. To just be, and let the day take me where it may. Just like last year, I found myself on the boat for a three hour cleaning, followed by a little ride out to the middle of Echo Lake to meet the babies of 2015.
Such a cute little family. I love watching them dive for dinner every evening.
If I ever question whether Northern Wisconsin is the right place for us to live out the remainder of our days, I merely need to simply arrive, breathe in the pine air, listen for the calls of mama loons to papa loons to ensure the babies are safe while I bask in the nature that surrounds me. Today I walked Miller - a ten minute task, given his failing hips - and reconfirmed things in my mind. I belong here. It's where I want to live life. With him.


Growing up, my Grandpa and Grandma Owen visited and played cards with their friends Vern and Ruth from Missouri at least two or three times per year. I oftentimes spent the night when these lifelong friends made a weekend visit, and it's one of those little things that embedded in my immature, growing brain.
Meet my version of Vern and Ruth. We've known Rob since college, and Kara since she flew into our lives like a Florida Hurricane.
We get together about twice per year to reconnect and play euchre, despite the boys' propensity for cheating in order to win. Their visits allow me to forego any kind of workout because giggles alone are the strongest core workout a body and soul needs for strengthening.
We laugh. It's that simple. Somebody is oftentimes the object of our hilarity, and this year we all owe a little apology to this guy.
He took it in stride, but definitely filled the quota as the object of our funny. It's time to move on, so he's off the hook for our next get together.


Father's Day, if I may so boldly declare even though it's not my day, was nothing short of spectacular this year.
The boat driving daddy enjoyed basking in his element, despite a sudden stoppage of the motor on Sand Lake. Have you ever been on a boat when it just stops cold? It's not exactly pleasant, no matter how many glasses of wine you've consumed. Anxiety steps in, the music stops, the men jump to attention and the ladies stifle it.
 Well, as best they can.
Thanks to thoughtful, inquisitive, enterprising men, they determined just a kink in the gas line threatened our voyage home. Luckily we were not far from the only gas tank on the chain, so a quick stop with the bow diving into the trees and a couple of giggly schoolgirls 40somethings made for sheer hilarity. My sweet, tolerant boy coped with estrogen charged nut jobs while the other men pumped and payed for gas.

Yowza. He escaped to the front for the ride home,
clearly more than ready to ditch my affection in exchange for a bunch of crazy boys at camp.


Meanwhile, The Princess cannot hide her giddiness. She's at her happiest place on earth, making worldwide friends and teaming with some international counselors to rock out the riding program at Chippewa.
International flair in the house. Left to right, we've got Kahley from the United States, Nicole from Scotland, Krys from South Africa and Christie from England. I've had the privilege of hosting these girls twice at the cabin. And I say privilege, because that's exactly what it is. It's so fun getting to know sweet gals from other countries in a laid back, easygoing atmosphere. More to come on that - we're creating stories every Sunday when they have the day off. This past Sunday was one for the record books - and a tale I'll have to tell separately in a couple of days. Let's just say that this is not their waterfront.

My hope and prayer for everyone who reads my blog is threefold:
1. That you know truly how much I appreciate your support by coming back to read my ramblings,
2. That you find the beauty in and around you this summer, regardless of where you live. It's there.
3. You slow down when you can, and get lost out there. We live in an amazing world.

Before signing off, I encourage you to check out a fabulous appetizer on Apéritif Friday today. It'll rock your grill or smoker this holiday weekend.

Happy Summer!