Monday, June 13, 2016

Prom, 2016

Let me start by acknowledging that yes, these pictures are long overdue. With sister-in-law's baby shower, followed by prom, then by graduation and the party, then by a little Indy 500 get together, we threw four parties in one month.

I don't think we hosted a single party in the last year, so Mr. Musky is gnashing his teeth. And me?

I just enjoyed a week filled with solitude and no work. Yep - I took an entire week off of writing, photography, cooking, cocktailing, and even moming. I just sat, all by myself, and let be. One day last week I took the art of slugging out to a whole new level, only moving from the couch to eat something or visit the bathroom. I highly recommend this version of sloth for a little soul restoration. Take a day off work, tell your people to fend for themselves, and do nothing. Hell, eat a bon bon. Your body and mind will thank you.

In the midst of all the Mayhem in May, we hosted prom pictures. Which isn't that big of a deal, considering the kids all show up for about an hour and a half and then they leave. BUT - it was Kentucky Derby day, so some of the adults hung around for a bit.

First I must introduce some new friends: Kahley's boyfriend Nick, and his parents Jackie and Ray.
They are some of the best people we've met. We hit it off immediately, and saw them socially at least three more times in May. They're the type of people you know for certain are genuine - my favorite kind.

On Prom Day? My model, er, daughter, looked gorgeous.
So super grown up, with hair and makeup to die for.
But mothers of younger daughters, beware. The beauty never comes without drama. Her makeup appointment began 45 minutes late, causing undue stress about not showing up on time for her own party. Her friends could have cared less. They just congregated in the backyard and started snapping pictures on their own. Mr. Musky tended bar for the adults. I put out food for the teenagers, and all was right with the world. 
Her dress was killer, but again, not without angst. At the checkout at Peaches in Chicago, with the dress rang up and the earrings picked out, we were told that someone else attending her prom already bought the dress, and they couldn't sell it to us. Apparently our sales person forgot to check the system before bringing the dress out for Kahley to try on. She felt horrible and it was an honest mistake, but certainly didn't help the anxiety level of dress shopping.
So we broke the rules and bought it online. Kahley never did see the matching dress at her prom given that over 1000 students attended, so problem solved. 

Now is probably a good time to state the obvious.
I love my girl to no end, but man. I sure am glad my next go-around with prom-going involves a male. I've asked around, and it has its own set of challenges with the picking up of the tux the day before the event, but my son will be mysteriously sick during lunch the Friday before prom next year to avoid chaos.
Bottom line - lesson for moms of daughters - start dress shopping in January. I'm not joking or exaggerating in the slightest. Then in February, schedule a hair appointment for the day of prom at 10:00 am. Allot for two hours, if your girl has a thick mane like mine.
Then, if she's having her makeup done, plan on another two hours for that. Schedule that appointment in February as well, and count on things to run behind.
You need another hour (at least!) for her to arrive home, get dressed, and hopefully eat a little something.
And then...
At least an hour or more for pictures. For those who are counting, you need to leave the house by 9:30 in order for your princess to be ready for the paparazzi by 3:30. That's six hours. SIX HOURS! And we aren't even the Kardashians.
By the time she finally linked up with her boyfriend,
all was right with the world and her heart rate returned to normal.
One thing I have to say about Plainfield East High School...
...they DO IT UP RIGHT for Prom.
Last year a chartered Metra Train rolled them into Union Station for dinner and dancing.
This year, chartered busses departed the school at 5:45 pm for Navy Pier.
I love that the transportation to the venue is non negotiable (people who miss the bus, miss the prom),

and that dinner is included at such awesome locations for a memorable night. 
These two sadly parted ways last week, as Kahley returned to Chippewa Ranch Camp to run the riding program and continue working as camp counselor for the summer. They are attending separate schools in the fall, and are going to try the long distance thing for awhile.
One of my favorite things about prom pictures is the girlfriend shots, and reminiscing about how much these lovely ladies have grown over the years.
I know some of these gals more than others, but they all have one thing in common: 
Every one of them made it a point to say hello, thanked us for hosting, and impressed me with their overall maturity.
Not to mention their taste in fashion. Oh my - the dresses!
I will miss so many of these gems who lifted Kahley up when she needed it over the past four years.
This gal and her 
Kahley picked a gem for a best friend. I adore her mom and love hanging out with them both. Their extended family is fairly hilarious, too. 
The rest of the photo session pulled small groups of kids together while the parents stood back and snapped away.
I won't lie - I started peeking at the time,
ready to move on and go sip an apéritif with the adults. We had horse bets to make and sangria to drink!

Kudos to Kris, the other mama above with me, who came up with the idea for the kids to hold up their college logo. There's a whole lotta girl power going on here!
Go forth and rule the world!
The gents aren't too bad either.
Phew. Time for that adult beverage.
Enough of prom ad nauseam. If you're still reading this, you are either:

a. My mom. Hi Mom! Love you!
b. One of the individuals in the above photos. Good luck to you all this fall. Make good choices!
c. Nick's mom. Hi Jackie!
d. A female of any age, sticking with me because you love looking at all the dresses.
e. A creeper. Which is a little weird, but hey - thanks anyway for reading.