Thursday, November 1, 2018

What's A Typical Day?

Last weekend found us back in the Land of Lincoln to celebrate a good friend's milestone birthday. As we crossed the border, we looked at one another and Mr. Musky commented, "This is weird. Really weird."

I've been back since we sold the Illinois house in July, but he has not. And he's right - it is very odd driving into the state we called home for more than 45 years with no bed to call our own.

But after some soul-filling hours spent with lifelong friends, I deemed it supremely satisfying to actually be a guest in someone else's home. "Jen, can I pour you a glass of wine?"

Well if that just isn't the sweetest sentence I've heard in quite some time. Why yes, friendly hostess. You can. You most certainly can, and keep 'em coming. :)

Nearly everyone asks us how we spend our days. From the sweet summer friends we made from Minnesota to the college friends we reunited with last weekend, they all want to know what life is like for us here, particularly now that summer is over. So here you go - a ho-hum story that will put you all to sleep immediately while demonstrating how truly old and incredibly boring we've become.

Wake up with no alarm clock. Sheer gloriousness, let me tell you. We did this in Illinois too, but once the kids are out of the house and you don't hear them running the shower or opening the garage door as they leave for school, you truly do wake up when your body feels refreshed. Typically that's anywhere from 5:45 - 7:00 for us. Mr. Musky says he overslept if he wakes up past 7:00. Not me. I  roll over and enjoy the warm bed.

He heads straight upstairs to get work done; I might lounge in bed for another 10 minutes. But I too then get up, down some good-for-me supplements, then start in on the coffee. The Chemex pour-over system changed our coffee drinking habits for life. I find such relaxation in sniffing and grinding the beans, watching the sunrise, and seeing what the birds and squirrels are up to while slowly pouring the water concentrically over the grounds. It's meditative, and my absolute favorite daily ritual. We then sit and sip two cups each. Coffee hour is sacred time to us - it always has been. Since the kids were little enough to watch a television show in the other room we connected together as a couple over morning coffee.  It's a form of intimacy that isn't physical, and we both know it makes our marriage stronger to commit to that routine every morning.

After coffee and news / social media trolling, he heads back upstairs to work and I may do one of three things:

1. Call my mother and talk about nothing for an hour. I love those chats. We waste time, yes, but there's nothing comparable to a mother's true love. I'm hanging on to that as long as I possibly can.

2. Head to the basement to get a little work done myself. I'm trying to become more disciplined with a daily routine, but let's just say it's not my strong suit.

3. Get ready to head to town for circuit training, kickboxing, or yoga. There's no class time for the former, which happens every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For the latter two, I have to move my butt a little earlier to get to class on time. After working out I usually run through the grocery store to grab a few items for dinner, unless the yogis ask me to drink Mimosas. On a Tuesday. What they say about Wisconsinites is true. It's all true.

Mr. Musky and I then reunite around 11:30 for lunch and watch the critters out the window. We retire to our respective desks for the afternoon to work a little more, then we head outside around 3:30 for a walk before showers, dinner preparation, Jeopardy at 4:30 (we're really starting to sound like Rainman over here), and the local news. At 5:30 we turn the news off and opt for Smooth Jazz or Jack Johnson radio while we finish cooking dinner and sit down to eat together. Then we tag team the cleanup, head to the basement, and watch a little TV before heading off to bed around 10:00.

Some nights we get really crazy and go out to dinner. Once we even went to a concert. But more often than not we stick to our very boring, predictable, delicious schedule and love every minute of it. We also throw in the occasional Safety Meeting at the local bar (just an excuse for 2 for 1 drinks on Thursday evening), go hiking in the woods, or do a little work around the house.

I know the coming months with the snow and ice and muck will challenge us to seek the joy and fun outside, but I'm pretty confident we can handle it. Especially if Santa delivers those new snowshoes on my list.

For those of you lying in a pool of drool, snoring away at your desk from boredom, I apologize. For the four people still reading, here's what I love about waking up every day. It's always different, and some mornings are more spectacular than others, but they're all very, very good.
On girl's weekend the cabin GLOWED with the most brilliant sunrise I've ever seen. This photo is straight from my iPhone with absolutely zero edits. I'll never forget walking into the kitchen to this sight.
Really early mornings are fun. I start the coffee in the dark, and by the time we're sipping it the sun comes out in all it's glory. Sometimes it's so bright I need to wear sunglasses...inside. 
Morning after the girls left. Weather is a daily hot topic and our five o'clock meteorologist feels like an extended family member.
These two clowns were horsing around as we left for Illinois last Friday. I don't mind the grays, but the red squirrels are  aggressive, evil little bastards.
My favorite view. :)

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